That Glorious Child, Fynn is available in both hard cover and paperback That Glorious Child, Fynn is available in both hard cover and paperback

Lynn Strongin's book, "That Glorious Child, Flynn," is a cornucopia of stories about children north, south and Irish. The heartbeat is a special needs child, Fynn. In one sense he is one of the new indigo children, exceptionally gifted as well as otherworldly: smaller than other children, a mystical boy born with milk white curls which mysteriously turn black as coal in early childhood. It is also a love story between two women, Fynn's mother, Megan, who is haunted by her strange child, and Erika, born in post world war II Europe. Primarily, this book is an interwoven theme of how Fynn develops in his very specially imagined world. A poignant sub-theme is the friendship and love between the two women, Megan and Erika, expressed in a series of letters written to each other like bursts of star-fire. Open the pages of this book and fall into a tale that shows what happens to alter Fynn's fate and place in the world as he suffers through a violent event in his mother's life; indeed, a tragedy that alters the course of all their lives forever.

You will not want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity to pick up That Glorious Child, Fynn from the JB Stillwater Direct Sales Bookstore. The book is also available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Target.


Our Featured Poem

Autumn Endings
Lou Davies-James

Head into the wind,
sidewalk cracks avoided
on my way to sweeter
dreams and days held
beneath a sky where
oaken castoffs skitter
as they fly.

Beloved take my heart
in autumn days
to gilded fields where
apple branches woo the
little girl who ruled the world
and claimed each day
when I was still a boy.

Fleet of foot and
loose of chains that
bind me where I stand-
a once upon a time
unfettered rose,
though roses fall away
in shadows filigreed
against what light is left
sifting through these
branches yet to climb.

Season's spin
the years turn as they will-
burning leaves and bridges
sting my eyes. Now, as ever,
heart-song set in stone
sealed against what barren
days may come.

I close my eyes again
and breathe you in, to
feast upon the contours
of your face, your endless
summer heart, the heat of you.
I feel my weight
rest easy in your arms,
now and always
sacred and adored
as leaves decay
and autumn endings
scent the air with life.

Copyright © Lou Davies-James, All Rights Reserved


All the News that Fits

CHECK IT OUT! I have just published Lynn Strongin's poem "Dark Salt" from her latest book of poetry by the same name and to be published by JB Stillwater, Inc Publishing. Stop by and take a look, and let us know what you think - Huggs Jan

Want to announce that author, Lynn Strongin has just signed a contract with JB Stillwater Publishing, Inc. for her next brilliant book of poetry entitled "Dark Salt; a Brush with Genius" Her book will go into world wide distribution and be released sometime mid-Feb.

Congrats to Casa de Snapdragon author and JB Stillwater poet for her Griffin Award Nomination. Two awards are given for the Griffin, one isInternational and one Canadian. Congrats,Lynn!

WELCOME LISA ARNOLD, NEWEST GUEST POET ON THE STILLWATER MAGAZINE! Lisa Arnold is an accomplished freelance online article writer, published poet and short story writer who has been writing poems and short stories for nearly three decades. Her work has appeared in several issues of All Things Girl, Events Quarterly and Poetic Monthly. Her work has also appeared in Good Taste International and The Persistent Mirage. Her articles have appeared in Rewind the Fifties, YoNaturals and Southport Times. She is also the Founder and Administrator of a growing online poetry community called Echoes of My Soul Poetry Forum and she was a staff writer for Poetic Monthly.

CONGRATS TO POET, MARY BARNET! Her book "Arrival" with art by award winning artist Richard Schiff (Greenwich Village Gazette) was just nominated for a Pushcart Award by Casa de Snapdragon, LLC. Good luck Mary!!!!

WELCOME FRANCES FANNING! FRANCES IS OUR NEWEST GUEST POET A trained marriage, family, and drug and alcohol therapist, Frances has also worked in business, journalism and the arts, as owner/operator of a contemporary American craft gallery in an art colony in Pennsylvania. Frances is now a freelance writer and poet, living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico with her husband and her father. Frances's poems have appeared in La Herencia, the Hispanic cultural magazine in Santa Fe, NM and the online magazine of the Southwest, Desert USA, among other publications. Stop by and read her glorious poetry!

NEWS! Janet K. Brennan (tis me) has formed a second publishing company that will specialize in poetry books. Interested? e-mail me at My new company is known as JB Stillwater Publishing, Inc.

"Think Positive" the newest Chicken cken Soup book has been released and is a national/global phenom overnight. My story "Word Gifts" is published in this book, buy it and have it as part of your library. Many wonderful stories to read time and again when needed.


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