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Our Featured Poem

A Stronger Grace
by Janet Brennan

Mourning whispers
watered down hues of gray pearl.
A moment- quick,
greeting yet another day.
Unwelcomed guest.
She is gracious in her hosting.
Invitations never extended
these days.
There is no partner in the dance,
only shadows, gray in a box
stored under her bed.
Negatives of life . . . shared
when he sang only for her
not for God.
Loving arms, no more
her cloak in the storm.
Her captain, missing,
taking laughter with him.
She sails her ship alone.
Pray, each new day a stronger grace
that her soul-mate, gone
smile down ,
knowing how resilient, his flower,
though bent upon the ground
waiting to bloom again,
for she will bloom!

As she wanders through life
a stronger grace . . .
accepting only sacred vows,
now cast to heaven,
leaving paths through stars
for her to follow
and dance
with him once more.


Copyright © Janet Brennan - All rights reserved



All the News and Kudos that Fit


WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST STILLWATER POET, SABINE O'FLYNN. Sabine is a gritty and real life poet who is not afraid to write what she feels or thinks. She was born and raised in Dublin Ireland and currently lives and works in Italy.

Prayers please...my beloved mother passed through her window on the 18th f July and is now dancing with my father.

I can not tell you how very proud JB Stillwater Publishing is to announce Terri Muus's book "Over Exposed." The courage it takes for a poet t come forth with the very provocative and sensitive is almost beyond belief thank you for sharing, Terri...and helping! Hugs, Jan

YEAH! MY TANGO SUNDAY IS NOW IN FULL CIRCULATION. You can pick up a copy any place in the world and I can tell you, I had a blast writing this one! Short stories on the edge - Tango Sunday

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BOOK! Lisa Arnold has just had her book "Echoes of My soul" released and it is making its way around the world. JB Stillwater/CDS publishing will be entering it into the Pushcart Awards, 2013.

Congrats to Mary Barnet. Her interview is featured on ....the URL is http://lifestyleofpeace.blogspot.com/2013/02/interview-with-founder-of-poetry.html Mary will be having her book of sonnets published with us in 2014. Her book "Arrival" was published by CDS in 2012 Please take a look ! Mary Barnet editorbarnet@aol.com

CONGRATS TO ; New book "Something Like Life" published by JB Stillwater Publishing Barbara Novack, Writer-in-Residence at Molloy College, Queens NY, is also a member of their English Department. She founded and hosts Poetry Events and Author Afternoons, two reading series at Molloy College that bring contemporary poets and writers to a wider audience, and she presents programs and conducts workshops on poetry, fiction, and memoir in the New York metropolitan area. An award-winning writer, she is listed in the Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers and in Who's Who and Who's Who of American Women. Her website is www.barbaranovack.com

WELCOME NEW STILLWATER POET, JOANNE BODIN! So pleased to announce that the Stillwater Magazine has a new, award winning poet. Stop by to read Joanne's sensitive and metaphoric writing. You will love it!

Prayers please for my dear friend and musical collaborator, Michael Edward-Stevens "Catching Dreams " (number 1 on the Stillwaterjuke box ) He is undergoing a very serious surgery.

Goodbye Louie! Safe travel to your spiritual home. My long time friend and mentor, Louie Levy, has passed through his window. I will miss hearing his cheery voice on the phone. His work will remain on the Stillwater Magazine forever.

Condolences to JB Stillwater and Casa de Snapdragon author (Arrival) Mary Barnet. Mary lost her father on Nov 17th. He was the very famous visionary artist, Will Barnet of NYC. Mary's mother was the artist Mary Sinclair.

Congrats to poet, Matt Pasca! His poem 6,000 Rounds Off the Internet is a runner-up for publication in the 2013 edition of the Georgetown Review.

CONGRATS TO Casa de Snapdragon LLC Publishing for having two of their books make finalist in the New Mexico Book Awards. winners will be annouonced in Nov. They are Kathy Wagoner, "This New Mountain" biography cat. and Frances Fanning "Rhythm of My Heart. "First Book" cat. Stewart Warren, also a Stillwater poet has made finalist for his anthology.

HELLO TO NEW STILLWATER POET, SARAH THOMAS, a teacher, born in India, living and teaching in the Interntional School in Kuwait. Poet Thomas' poetry is sensitive and mature. It shows the beautiful spirit held within her. I think it is just wonderful!

WELCOME TO STEWART WARREN our newest guest author on Stillwater! I could not be more pleased. Poet Warren has authored many wonderful books of poetry and is the founder of the Albuquerque NM poet laureate program.

CONGRATS TO OUR OWN ANDREW SHISTON!!! His book "Diary of a Merchant Seaman" has now been released and is propagating around the world. You can buy it on Amazon, B&N and in most bookstores everywhere. You will love it...it is Andrew's legacy, his memoir about his life on the sea with the merchant marines.

YEAH for our newest author, Frances Fanning. Her novel "Rhythm of My Heart " is on its way. If you can, please go into her facebook book page under "Rhythm of My Heart" and put a "like" up. Thanks

Canadian author and Pulitzer Prize nominee/Pushcart winner, Lynn Strongin's latest book "Orphan Thorns" will be released by JB Stillwater next week. This brilliant book of poetry tells of her affliction with polio and how she has managed to rise above.

DON'T MISS OUR NEWEST RELEASE! Poet and author Frances Fanning's book "Rhythm of My Heart" has just been released and is available at B&N and Amazon, soon to be distributed by Ingram around the world. Cover image is by Jade Leyva of Avokado Design/Recordings.

CONGRATS JAN YAEGER! HER CHILDREN'S BOOK, "MATILDA'S UPSIDE DOWN SMILE" was officially released today by Casa de Snapdragon, LLC Publishing, available in all major bookstores.

Yeah, congrats to our poet and JB Stillwater author (A Thousand Doors) for winning national honors with his own literary magazine at Bayshore High. Also to his son, Rainer, who was featured in a NY Newspaper for his writing (Ahem....Rainer is only 6 and was featured in my own "Holiday Word Gifts" with his "Rooftops and War")

Congrats to Stillwater poet, Peggie Devan for having her short story accepted in "Chicken Soup "Caregiver's Soul" to be released in March. So proud of you Peg...

We must all raise our hearts in prayer for my long time mentor, Louie Levy. Louie will leave behind a very reach legacy of peace poetry, some of the most brilliant in the world. A long time member of the Stillwater Magazine and writer for Dr. Santosh Kumar as well as many other art and poetry periodicals around the world his work will long endure. Notes can be sent to me at www.jbstillwater.com and I will forward them to him.

Barbara Novack, Writer-in-Residence at Molloy College, is also a member of their English Department. She founded and hosts Poetry Events and Author Afternoons, two reading series at Molloy College that bring contemporary poets and writers to a wider audience, and she presents programs and conducts workshops on poetry, fiction, and memoir in the New York metropolitan area. An award-winning writer, she is listed in the Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers and in Who's Who and Who's Who of American Women. Her website is www.barbaranovack.com.


Yeah to Stillwater poet, Kathy Wagoner, author of the soon to be published by Casa de Snapdragon "This New Mountain." She has accepted a position with New Mexico's Sage magazine. So proud of you.

CONGRATS to our own Aishu T. Anish from Kerala India who will now be writing a column for Houston Texas Newspaper. Major thumbs up on this one!!!!

Congrats to 3 Stillwater poets whose books have been chosen to be placed in the Melbourse, Astralia Library. They are: Lynn Strongin, 'That Glorious Child, Fynn', Kathryn Rantala, 'A Partial view Toward Nazareth' and Charles Ades Fishman 'In the Language of Women'

Congrats to guest author, Aishu, from Kerala, India, who has just published her first book, A Crescent Smile with Cyberwit.net. I could not be prouder, big crescent smile on my face!

SO PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE that I was chosen to present and read from my novels at the New Mexico Women's Author Book Festival. I will be presenting in The Palace of the Govenor's at 2:30 pm on Sunday, October 9th


Congrats to CHARLES ADES FISHMAN on his successful reading at the NYC Public Library this weekend. It looks like his magnificent and groundbreaking book, "In the Language of Women" will be stocked in the other New York libraries.

Congrats to LISA ARNOLD. Lisa's book has now entered the queue for publication by Casa de Snapdragon, LLC, mid 2012. It will be a pure joy and honor to work with Lisa. Lisa is the founder and host of "Echoes of My Soul" poetry and short story forum.

It is with deep sadness that I must tell you of the death of one of our Guest Poets on the Stillwater Magazine, poet LAURA LAUB. Laura and I go far back in years of publishing and writing. She was my first guest author in my book "A Stronger Grace" Please I ask that everyone bow their heads and say a prayer for easy transition for Laura. Tracey Brown has written a lovely poem for Laura, "Death of a Saintly Soul" When you have a minute, why not stop by for a read.

NEWS! Janet K. Brennan (tis me) has formed a second publishing company that will specialize in poetry books. Interested? e-mail me at jbstillwater@yahoo.com. My new company is known as JB Stillwater Publishing, Inc.

Special thanks to guest poet Aiswarya T. Anish for her interview with Asia Net TV for featuring photos of the Stillwater Magazine. Asia Network TV is broadcast throughout all of Asia and Europe. Thanks Aishu!


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